About Us

Company introduction

     The company HAO is a leader in the China market of furniture accessories and construction fittings. Our rich experience in the industry, thorough knowledge of the market, modern design and continuous investments in technology ensure excellent quality of our products and offer a huge advantage over their imported equivalents, in terms of price and appearance. The extensive range of almost three thousand furniture accessories includes: tube, hinges,slides,table legs,wire baskets, connectors and screws, etc.

     Today's market and customers' expectations are setting high standards, quality, good design and competitiveness in costs. Our goods are easily available in wide range of different types, matching all variety of customers' individual requests. We provide thoughtful innovations and inspirational designs for our furniture fittings products, applying with high standard polishing and electroplating surface treatments. We are sensitive to the needs of our customers and have a wide range of solutions for the customers.

     We work to exceed consumer expectations and aim to establish long-term relationships with our customers. Our achievements are not only good quality and modern design, but also professional customer service. Kind and helpful sales staff will support at each stage of sales. We make great effort to support customer’s distribution net work and facilitate their option of products.